She came crawling through my window
At night, in the middle of a dream
The red flowers on her nightgown filled the room with summer breeze
Hey, wake up, she said. Come get lost with me...
Let's go down to the water right by that old oak tree
Under that bridge from where I once tried to jump and you came and pulled me back again

Temptress naked in the moonlight, don't play your tricks on me
I've seen the devil in your eyes and your tongue is bittersweet
How long does it take for me to break out of this circle?
How long does it take for me to break?
How long does it take?

I gave you all my tears the pages turned
I wasted all these years, one lesson learned
Love is only a state of mind and it's changed, you told me and then you just ran away
The only one you betrayed with that game you played was yourself

I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding for you everyday