Mrs. Innocence

She went out to get some magic cigarettes
She gone drifting her head in the clouds, then they blew away
What goes up must come down one way or another
It's the same every time, wheels within wheels

Trying to lose that Sunday feeling
Friday nights are way too long for her to leave it alone

Tongue tied, hands trembling, her bed is sailing out
On the seas of woe, she's sinking slowly, heading for the bottom
And the colours are fading, her life seems all black and white now
Wishful thinking, the best way to go down

Find an excuse, Mrs. Innocence
Like a child you never learn 'till the damage is done
Trying to lose that Sunday feeling
She has fallen in between and the river says:

Long gone, yes it's long gone,
I guess it's long gone, Mrs. Innocence