Much ado about Jack

Hear them calling you, Jack, Rise and shine, the days are wine,
but you, Jack, oh yes, you're blue
Tears cannot come through that artificial eye you got for fighting in WW2

You left your wife and kids behind to serve your country at the front line,
you came back, then they left you
Now the bullets scream to you, and every man you killed is haunting you, Jack,
and that's not few

Jack is like a falling star, he spends his nights down at the bar,
and soon Jack will sing for you
Then he will get out on the floor, don't think of going home before 
old Jack has had his last dance with you

Ophelia Dear, come have a dance with me
You know the moves that will set my bleeding heart free
In the waking hour I'll be gone
Left is the memory of a man and now his war is won...