Welcome home, my Dear
I can see you had a long day
A headache and some heartache maybe
See if we can make it go away

Two cups of laughter, one of tears,
a loving smile, two tea-spoons of imagination dashed with confidence
We’ll pour it in a pan and bake it for a half an hour and you’ll see what I mean

Welcome to Never-Neverland
We’re all so glad you’re here at last
No sickness, war, no famine
No heart has never ached in Neverland

I wish there was a recipe
that you could taste the harmony of my Never-Neverland
We could bake our way together
Over the sea to the land of harmony forever

Welcome to Never-Neverland
Here we’ll sing and play forever and a-day
No way to imagine
A world outside of Never-Neverland


Can you smell the melody?
Whispin' through the willow tree
Out over the waves, on the holidays
And it would bring me to you, and it would bring you to me...