The Imaginary Kingdom

Once upon a time in a far away land
A little boy played for himself in the sand
He built a great castle for the King and his Queen
It was prettier than anything you've ever seen

For hours he stayed and his stories came true
Life was all joy and the sky was all blue
Shadows grew long as the moon came around
The boy fell asleep right there on the ground

He dreamt of a ship far out on the sea
Loaded with coffee, spices and tea
Coming from places where winters are warm
It sailed right into the eye of a storm

Waves crashed hard on the starboard side
Sailors were thrown overboard and all died
The boy, though, clung to a boat made of wood
And rowed for his life the best way he could

Weeks in the ocean made his body sore
And just as he couldn't go on anymore
Far off in the distance he heard someone shout
He scampered ashore and then he passed out

He came to himself and was caught by surprise
When he looked right into a pretty girls' eyes
Hurry, she said, we have only one hour
To find the eleven lost souls in the tower

Confused and bewildered he walked by her side
They came to a castle-door tall and wide
The sweetest old lady invited them in
The Imaginary Kingdom was now to begin...